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Installation of Manhattan Student Lamp Wicks

A sample chapter from Our Book

The small round cylinder with a raised spike is essential to operation of the wick. (the replacement wick is often too long & needs to be cut in half before installation, the uncut end should go to the top.) Save the other half for another lamp or this one for later use.

Remove the old wick by turning the upper moveable burner/gallery Counter Clock Wise (CCW), until the wick and wick riser (W/R) are at the top of the grooved burner base or actually in the slotted part of the moveable burner part. Take the old wick and untie it from the W/R (thimble size part) tie the new one to the W/R with the long uncut end to the top. It will be a bit tough getting the wick over the W/R prong, but carefully work it over the thimble and the prong. Next, put the W/R & Wick into the grooved burner base and start the little nipple on the W/R into the groove of the burner base.

Slide the slotted tube of the movable burner over the wick and wick riser making sure the slotted tube slides over the W/R prong (pic. 8). Move the burner assembly Clock Wise (CW), until the wick and wick riser (W/R) are fully in the grooved font. The wick will then have moved down almost flush with the top of the inner draft tube.

To raise/adjust the wick turn the burner CCW. CW will move the wick down and CCW moves the wick up. Probably about 1/ of wick showing, more or less, is a good length for lighting. Before lighting allow about 3-4 hours for the wick to be fully saturated by capillary action after filling the tank with kerosene. The shade holder/tripod/shade ring just slides over the chimney holder and is a friction fit.