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We are no longer able to provide restoration services, however technical assistance and new and old parts are still available.

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Restoring dingy brass

A conservative approach to restoration of dark dingy brass finishes is the application of a paste floor wax to the finish. Wait 20 minutes and buff metal with a shoe brush and then a clean soft towel. This will give you a nice soft patina and will only enhance the value of the antique instead of reducing the value by buffing the finish with buffing compounds.

Charring Aladdin wicks

Empty the oil font of kerosene, let the wick dry somewhat and then raise the wick to the top of the draft tube (on Aladdin Lamps) and trim the rough edges of the top by cutting a thin slice from the wick top with a "Brand New" single edge razor blade. Then briefly dip the top of the wick, about 1/2" in kerosene. The wick is then burned to create the charring. Next "lightly" and carefully apply the wick trimmer to finish the job. The wick should now burn evenly and heat the mantle properly.